Ag-Gag Follow-Up: It Lives

Breaking news: The link below will take you to a short video (3 minutes and 40 seconds) about the ongoing assault on whistleblowers. Despite North Carolina's governor's veto of the ag-gag bill seeking to silence whistleblowers in the farming industry, the bill was pushed through by the state Senate on Wednesday, overriding the veto entirely.

CNN's video explains the rammifications: when industry whistleblowers take pictures and video of illegal activity, they are now liable for damages done to the company, thus heavily discouraging workers from reporting illegal activity. This is the sort of thing one would see in sci-fi featuring a dystopian society, one where "what's best for the company" overrides moral decency - and it's not just one's job that's at stake, it's a series of government-sanctioned conflicts of interest with consequences that reach too far into the lives of citizens.

That's not even the worst part - this isn't the only state where this has happened/is happening:

In...Idaho, Kansas, Montana and North Dakota, it?s illegal to take photos or video inside agricultural facilities. In others, like Iowa and Utah, it?s illegal to lie on a job application: an undercover activist, for example, wouldn?t be able to hide the fact that they?re affiliated with an animal welfare group. And in Missouri, whistleblowers with evidence of abuse or illegal practices have to immediately turn that information over to authorities, effectively preventing activists from being able to build a case against a facility.

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