Vegan-Approved Fashion

Aniqa Dreams put together a blog post (regularly updated - last update was July 13, 2015) that lists cruelty-free fashion brands and posted a link to another post, 100% Vegan Beauty Brands. Going vegan isn?t just a commitment to not eating animals, but removing any and all animal products from one?s life and small things like this - comprehensive lists generated by dedicated individuals, can really help curb problematic transitions.

Ryan is a practicing vegetarian that writes and trains/teaches grappling (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & wrestling) full-time. Ryan's goal is to educate readers about the political and environmental state of the world, and how that long-standing model of living affects the world around us. Ryan especially likes digging into what we eat, how we get said food, and the aftermath of this very large and political process.

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