Omnivore Restaurant Goes Vegan After Owners Watch Cowspiracy

Cowspiracy convinces La Blue Casa to go vegan

La Blue Casa, a Mexican restaurant located in Arlington, Texas opened last May. They?re doing pretty well, even being awarded ?Best Mexican restaurant in the city for 2015.? While some owners might be happy to bask in the glow of a successful business, La Blue Casa will be making a huge transition in their menu? they?re going from omnivore, to vegan!

Though the owners Gabriela Lopez and Raj Attur are both vegan, they did have meat options available on the menu. However, a viewing of Cowpiracy changed their minds! After watching the documentary, they made the decision to transition into a fully vegan restaurant:

?Everything related to food I?ve seen, but this one was incredible,? Lopez said. ?Sometimes you just have a situation or episode in your life when everything changes and this was the key for me.?

In the process, they?re using it as an opportunity to use their restaurant website to educate the public about why they?re making the change:

?After much consideration and research, La Blue Casa has decided to transition into a VEGAN restaurant. Please read the facts on these pictures below to understand why we are doing this.?

They are also encouraging their customers to join them in the transition:

?PLEASE JOIN US on this transition! and become involved in the movement. 134 days until we go fully Vegan!?

We applaud their decision and efforts in educating the public on why they should make the change too! If you would like to contribute to their transition, you can donate to their Go Fund Me campaign.

(Photo credit: La Blue Casa website)

Sandy considers herself primarily a full-time mom, though she dabbles in social media and writing. Raising her kids in a meatless household has led to much research and interest in plant based diets. She loves plant-based cooking and owns a billion vegan cookbooks. In her spare time (haha- just kidding, she has toddlers, she doesn’t have spare time!) she enjoys spending time with her life partner, being outside, taking a billion pictures of her kids, getting crafty, walking, writing, and hanging out with her family.

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