Veganuary: Can You Go Vegan For One Month?

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A new year means a fresh start for many and lots of people choose to make a resolution to start a new healthy habit; whether that?s to stop smoking, join a gym or ? as over 20,000 people have done so far ? sign up for Veganuary and pledge to go vegan for one month.

Veganuary is a non-profit global campaign, started in the UK in 2014 by founders Jane Land and Matthew Glover who took advantage of people?s love of challenges and new year?s resolutions. Jane and Matthew predict this year Veganuary will see more than 50,000 people signing up, with over half of those staying vegan once January?s over. 

There are many reasons why someone might choose to go vegan; health, the environment, a love of animals or simply as a monthly challenge. Whatever the reason, the Veganuary website is bursting with information and resources for those making their first steps into veganism. You?ll find recipes, eating out guides, nutrition advice, clothing, discount vouchers for restaurants and even answers to those annoying questions that are bound to be asked, such as ?Where do you get your protein from?? and ?What?s wrong with eating honey??

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Although we?re already into the second week of January, it?s not too late to sign up to Veganuary and no one?s left on their own to muddle through it ? each participant receives a daily email (which can be opted out of at any time) packed with info to keep them going throughout the month. There's also a Veganuary Facebook page to join for further support, to share experiences and ask advice and, if you really want to show your allegiance to veganism, you can buy a Veganuary wristband from the website.

For further information and to sign up, visit the Veganuary website.

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