New Beyond Meat Burgers to be Found Alongside Beef in Grocery Stores!

Referred to as the "plant-based burger 5.0," the Beyond Burger truly is a revolutionary product. Beyond Meat reportedly spent 7 years perfecting its research into a plant-based burger that would recreate the juiciness and taste of ground beef - and, by George, I think they've got it!

The best part about this product's release, I believe, is that it will be found right alongside ground beef in grocers' meat cases. This will encourage omnivorous eaters - those who never peruse the frozen vegetarian section - to try it out at their next barbecue. Ethan Brown, the company's founder, agrees:

"I want as many people as possible to have access to our products. A lot of people love to eat meat. What I?m doing is allowing them to eat more of what they love, more meat. It?s just meat from plants. That?s the only difference.?

The Beyond Burger features a similar composition to its counterpart, the Beast Burger, yet does not need to be frozen and gets its succulent juiciness from a blend of coconut, canola, and sunflower oils. Right now the product is only available at Whole Foods in Boulder, Colorado, but should make a swift sweep across the country. For those who miss the sizzle of fresh burger on the grill, get ready to have your socks knocked off!

Photo credit: Beyond Meat

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