Restaurant Review: by CHLOE.

I mentioned previously that during my short trip to New York City I had made a list of things to do, which mostly centered around checking out the vegan hotspots the city was known for. While MooShoes was unfortunately closed for renovations, I had vegan restaurant by CHLOE. scheduled later on, so it definitely made the day seem promising again.

I was used to seeing by CHLOE. in the news, usually as a result of the restaurant's rapid expansion, so I was very interested in finally trying out the food myself. Seeing the store sign alone the night before (just like in the photos!) was exciting, and a quick peek inside the following day made me understand this was a busy place.

There was a line up almost coming to the door, and every seat was taken, so we made the decision that if no seats were available by the time we received our food, we would eat in a park.

I looked at the menu and realized I was really unprepared. The burgers and mac n' cheese were the options I heard the most about, but it was still a difficult choice. I remembered that celebrity and meat-centric chef Michael Symon was absolutely head over heels for the burger, but there were a few options to choose from in that category as well.

I finally settled on sharing the classic burger and mac n' cheese with a friend, with a local cider and chocolate chip cookie for dessert. We were given small beeper-type devices that would ring when our food was ready. They were very cute and rang in about five minutes, which was a pleasant surprise considering how busy and crowded the place was.

By this time, enough people had cleared out, and we were able to grab a spot by a larger table. The line up at this point was somehow even longer, which made us happy about our timing. However, right before I bit into my burger, I realized the one the chef had tried and raved about was actually the guacamole burger, and even though I hadn't even tried mine yet, I immediately felt like I had made the biggest mistake possible.

That feeling quickly dissipated when I tried my classic lentil/tempeh burger, since it was extremely tasty and I found myself wishing I had ordered my own rather than opting to share it. I had helped myself to the beet ketchup available too, and never thought I could enjoy ketchup that much. It was bright pink in color and had such a zesty flavor to it that it set a new standard for the condiment.

As delicious as that meal was, one spoon of the mac n' cheese made me consider that the official highlight. While the cheese sauce was a little watery at first glance, the overall taste was very creamy and the shitake bacon adding a very welcome extra kick:

Since people always want what they can't have--and I'm no exception to that rule--I almost considered ordering the guacamole burger too just out of sheer stubborness. But with the food I had already eaten, the cider (which was very refreshing, although a little too sweet) and the cookie (I forgot to take a photo of it, but it was delicious), I was way too full and satisfied. I hoped that I would have another opportunity to visit and try more food here during my short stay, but it was not meant to be this time.

Trying the guac burger at by CHLOE. in my books is a good enough reason as any other to return to New York City soon!

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