Toronto Is Getting an All-Vegan Grocer!

Portland has Food Fight. Europe has Veganz. Now, Toronto will be home to Good Rebel, a 100% vegan grocer. Founded by Mercedes Featherby and Mohseen Akbarali, the shop is set to open by the end of this month at 1591 Dundas Street West. According to the website:

"Good Rebel is Toronto's vegan grocer! Home to this fine city's largest variety of meats, cheeses, fish, dairy products and generally damned tasty foods that just happen to come from plants, not animals. Good Rebel is for everybody. No labels."

The shop will also feature grab-and-go meals, such as the vegan egg salad sandwich featured here. According to a press release by the duo, "vegan food is not about restrictions, but rather about reinvention, and one shouldn't have to give up the foods they love in order to eat a more plant-based diet."

While no official opening date has been announced yet, a recent Facebook post states that Good Rebel is "hustling hard" to open its doors before the end of September. We can't wait! 

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