The Beyond Burger is Heading to Veggie Grill!

If you are like most die-hard veggie burger lovers, you have been waiting for Beyond Meat's revolutionary Beyond Burger to be served up in a restaurant near you. Well, west coast folks can rejoice because the company has announced plans to bring its plant-based burger to the Veggie Grill restaurant chain!

All 28 locations will soon be slinging one of the most realistic veggie burgers on the market, which could very well pull in omnivorous customers. Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat's CEO, told Fortune:

?I?ve set a goal for the company and for myself, and it is very personal to me. By the time my kids are 16?they are 11 and 12 today?they should be able to walk into a McDonald's or Burger King and be able to buy a Beyond Burger.?

And Veggie Grill is happy to be at the front of the revolution. CEO Steve Heeley described the hunt for the perfect veggie burger as akin to finding the "holy grail" - a search he believes has come to an end after discovering the Beyond Burger. About incorporating the patty into their menu, he said:

?It is the core of Americana. We think this is something that our guests are going to flock to.?

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