Moby Reflects on the Success of the First 'Circle V' Festival

Steve Baltin, a contributor for Forbes, recently reviewed the Circle V Festival that took place on October 23 and interviewed the headlining performer, Moby. While Moby states that the thought of going on tour makes him "cringe", Baltin notes that he headlined "the first Circle V Festival, a celebration of veganism and animal rights that raised $80,000 for Mercy For Animals."

And what are Moby's thoughts post-festival?

"Everything about it worked out, it happened, we were able to find a venue, we have Goldenvoice as our partner, we've got all the vendors, we've got the speakers, we've got the food people, all the bands and DJs, so the very fact it worked out is great."

Moby states that it is events like these--the ones he cares about--that inspire him to think about "going on the road again." While he commends artists like Morrissey for a straight-forward approach in terms of engaging an audience with animal rights, Circle V takes a different approach:

"This festival is all about attraction. There's a promotional element, but we wanted beautiful food, we wanted beautiful clothes and music and great bands. We're not showing video tape of baby chickens being slaughtered. Everyone knows that exists, everyone has seen that. If that was an effective tool to use, we would use it. Let people find that on their own, I feel like this is a little more attraction than promotion."

According to Mercy For Animals, the event attracted thousands of people and "Moby closed out the evening with a show that brought the house down." Mercy For Animals hopes that this inaugural festival will set the "tone for years to come as Circle V grows and becomes a beacon lighting the way for a kinder and more compassionate future."

Moby's only other performance for this year shows that he is really only committing to causes that matter to him, since on November 5 he will be performing a special acoustic set for Animal Legal Defense Fund's Cruise for a Cause: Making Waves for Animals.

Check out the full interview with Moby on Forbes, and to see videos and photos from the first Circle V Festival, click here.

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