AFI's Davey Havok Joins PETA's Anti-Leather Campaign [VIDEO]

You may already know him as the lead vocalist of AFI, Blaqk Audio or XTRMST, but you're about to get to know Davey Havok a lot better since he just bared all for PETA's "I'd rather go naked than wear leather" campaign.

The frontman turned fashion designer is featured in a photo which writes: "Rock the skin you were born in. Let animals keep theirs."

The campaign also includes a video in which Havok elaborates on his reasons for keeping his clothing cruelty-free, and states that he supports this initiative because it "focuses on an aspect of animal rights that people sometimes overlook." Already a vegan, Havok stated:

"My compassionate lifestyle feeds directly into my fashion choices and I only choose to wear articles of clothing that are cruelty-free. I think people have been desensitized to what goes into making some of the things we wear. I was raised on rock and roll, like many people, and the leather jacket was part of that culture. But no article of clothing, feeling of confidence or "otherness" is worth the torture or the murder of an innocent creature."

Havok also speaks more about the cruel practices that go into the making of leather and connects it to the degradation of the environment, stating:

"If you are wearing leather whilst not eating animals you're still contributing to the destruction of innocent creatures and the ecosphere...the environment is harshly impacted by the consumption of leather."

You can watch the entire interview below:

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