New Video Series Explores Veganism in Miami

Ask any handful of vegans why they made the switch to a plant-based lifestyle and you are bound to get many different answers. Those answers are the spotlight of a new video series by the podcast Planted in Miami titled 31 Days | 31 Reasons. Why We Went Vegan. Alex Ruiz, co-founder of the podcast, told Miami New Times why 'Veganuary' was the perfect launch date:

"In January, people are inspired to make new year's resolutions, and they are usually focused on changing their diet. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have people from all walks of life share their stories of why they went vegan in hopes of inspiring others to make the change in 2017. We really wanted to show diversity in age, race, religion, etc., to break the preconceived ideas of what a vegan looks like."

Planted in Miami will feature a new video story everyday in January, so there are now three people featured on their YouTube page, and their reasons for going vegan already include health, animal welfare, a 28-day challenge, weight loss, taste preferences and watching Cowspiracy. With 28 days left in January, we think the podcast will be very successful in its mission to "bring awareness to the many benefits of a vegan lifestyle"!

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