Vegan Kebab Shop to Open in London!

Just when you think a vegan fried chicken shop will be the most exciting thing to open in London this year, it is announced that an all-vegan kebab shop is set to open one month later! 

According to Metro, popup What the Pitta will open as an "entirely meat-free kebab restaurant" on February 1 in Boxpark Croydon. Some of the menu items will include vegan döner with spiced soya chunks, homemade tzatziki and hummus, and vegan baklava. Cem Yildiz, co-founder of What the Pitta, told Metro:

"We know veganism is set to boom in 2017 so it's about time London had its own tastier, meat-free alternative. Not only for vegans, this is a healthier option that does good for you, the planet and doesn't come with the next morning regret."

With vegan fried chicken at Temple of Seitan and vegan kebabs at What the Pitta, London is definitely doing a great job bringing in the new year! 

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Lena Tachdjian is a certified nutritionist and a writer, who splits her time between Canada and Armenia. She writes about nutrition, health, food, recipes, culture, travel, animal rights, and more. You can follow her on her nutrition and travel blog

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