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On Monday, Independent profiled the "hardcore life" of Josh LaJaunie, who became a vegan, lost nearly half his weight and became a marathon runner. LaJaunie, who was 400lbs in 2011, became inspired by the story of vegan ultra-marathon runner Scott Jurek and decided to change his life. He stated:

"I came upon the concept of a vegan diet in the book Born To Run when I learned about Scott Jurek. After reading his book, I went on to Rich Roll's book Finding Ultra. From there I watched Forks Over Knives, and that really sealed the deal for me."

Since 2011, LaJaunie has lost 200lbs, ran his first 10K race under an hour, finished third at the Wildcat 100-mile marathon in Florida, ran the New York City marathon, and has been featured on the cover of Runner's World (December 2016). However, when speaking about making a shift to a plant-based lifestyle, LaJaunie stresses that the goal should not be centered around weight loss or running a marathon, but rather, change. He elaborates more on his choice and states:

"I think strict whole foods centered veganism is the healthiest way of existing as a human. I also think that over time us humans have developed ability to eat meat in times of starvation or opportunity. But by no means does this mean the human being is now an obligate carnivore."

To find out more about LaJaunie's diet and future goals, read the full article here

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