OSPCA Charges Marineland with Six Counts of Animal Cruelty

The CBC has reported that the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) has charged Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario with six new animal cruelty-related offenses.

The organization had charged Marineland with five counts of animal cruelty back in November of 2016, making the total number now 11. According to the article:

"The new charges against the park involve treatment of elk, red deer and fallow deer -- and include permitting the animals to be in distress and failing to comply with the prescribed standards of care."

Last Chance for Animals, a California-based animal rights watchdog organization, sent the OSPCA an image that displays dead fallow deer piled on top of each other, which can be seen here. The image was reportedly taken during the organization's "undercover monitoring of conditions." Marineland issued a statement calling the charges made by the OSPCA a "publicity campaign at the behest of a band of discredited activists with little relevant expertise or knowledge."

Marineland is scheduled to appear in court on January 26 for all 11 charges, and the maximum penalties are a $60,000 fine, a lifetime ban on owning animals and two years in jail. 

Photo Credit: www.thestar.ca

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