Birkenstock Brings Vegan Shoe Collection to the U.S.

Even if you don't own a pair, you have most likely seen--or heard of--the classic Birkenstock sandals. While vegan options have been made available in Europe for a while now, Yahoo Style has announced that as of January 9, the brand's Vegan Collection has reached the United States as well. Jochen Gutzy, head of communications at Birkenstock, told Yahoo Style:

"When our customers told us that they wanted vegan editions of Birkenstock's classic sandals and clogs, we listened. Birkenstock was always concerned about choosing the best raw materials from natural resources. With out selection of vegan styles, we can keep taking steps closer to an even more sustainable and compassionate future."

The website for the U.S. already has the vegan options displayed, and according to the article, "the first run of the shoes in the U.S. will include 30,000 pairs in various models." Some of the "100 percent animal-friendly, ecologically sound and sustainable materials" used include microfiber, cork, and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), and the price range for the collection is currently between $29.95 and $34.95.

You can view the entire Vegan Collection here

Photo Credit: Birkenstock 

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