Chipotle Website Makes Dining as a Vegan Even Easier

Restaurants are catching on to the fact that dietary restrictions and ethical food choices are not going anywhere any time soon, and that they'd better catch up to consumers' demands. Chipotle, the popular "Mexican Grill" fast food chain, recently updated its website to make it even easier for those with restrictions to navigate their ingredient list. In fact, they even explicity identify which items on their menu are vegan or vegetarian.

Anyone who is veg knows the perils of dining out: we can only be so sure that ingredients are animal-free and, sometimes, have to rely on the knowledge of the staff to tell us if there is hidden butter, egg, or chicken stock in our food. Companies who take responsibility for being transparent with ingredients, like Chipotle, are appreciated. Their website very clearly separates their ingredients into "Go for it" and "No go" categories. And, they even recognize that vegans don't consume the honey in their salad vinaigrette!

It's hard to believe it's been three years since the introduction of tofu sofritas, their spicy, protein-packed offering safe for all kinds of veg-heads. Since then, Chipotle has made it clear they value plant-based customers and are happy to serve cruelty-free options to the public.

Photo: Chipotle

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