Marks & Spencer Now Sells Vegan Sandwiches and Meals

With the 360% increase in Britain's vegan population, it should come as no surprise that major British retailer Marks & Spencer has expanded their food items to include a variety of vegan meal options. According to the Daily Mail, customers can now enjoy:

"The 'Super Green' sandwich, which includes an edamame and minted pea filling wrapped up in a chia and linseed bread. There is also a 'Rainbow Veg' sandwich, with roasted vegetables and avocado with pumpkin seeds in a red pepper bread."

The vegan options go beyond sandwiches and extend to pots and bowls, with the Nutty Cauliflower Trio and the Glorious Greens & Seeds Veggie Pots, and two 'Nourish Bowls.' Helen Brennan, Head of Product Direction and Development at Marks & Spencer, stated:

"Veganism is very popular in California and the trend has now spread to the UK. We did a research trip to San Francisco searching for inspiration for our range - we found some delicious ingredients and very clever recipes that we've used to inspire our products so our customers can enjoy them here in the UK."

While the sandwiches and meals aim to fill the gap in the "market for food that vegans can eat on the go for lunch," Brennan states that since they are "tasty and nutritious," she is confident "non vegans will enjoy eating them too." According to the article, Marks & Spencer now sells over 1,800 vegan food item and drinks, most of which are included on this list created by the company.

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