Review of "The Vegan Burger" at Yard House

Last summer I wrote about how Yard House, a restaurant and sports bar chain in the United States, introduced "The Vegan Burger" in all 66 of its locations, which was described as:

"Plant-based Gardein and an umami-flavored veggie patty that our chefs mix with red quinoa, kale, and shiitake mushrooms that have been seasoned with garlic, onions, and miso, topped with dairy-free Daiya mozzarella, avocado, tomato, arugula, and onion on an onion, poppy seed bun."

While it sounded delicious, since there are no Yard House restaurants in Canada, I had no choice but to move on. On a recent trip to the United States, however, in between trying the vegan Ben & Jerry flavors, I noticed the large Yard House sign one day and immediately remembered the burger. This particular location was always packed in the evenings with a line of people waiting to get in, so I decided to avoid the crowd and come by earlier. I browsed the menu and was very happy to see the wide range of vegan options available:

While I became tempted by the other options, I settled on the burger and as soon as it arrived I knew that I had made the right choice. It looked and smelled great and after my first bite I was almost overwhelmed by the myriad of different flavors. As always, I made sure to separate a piece of the patty to try on its own, and it really was the highlight.

The only con I noted about it was that the patty was so delicious on its own, that in the burger it was kind of "drowned out" by all of the different toppings and flavors. Usually toppings are my favorite aspect of sandwiches, burgers or hot dogs, but when the patty itself is so flavorful and can stand on its own feet, I would go a little lighter with the toppings to keep it as the spotlight.

It was still such a delicious and filling meal and I look forward to the next time I can enjoy this burger at Yard House! 

Photo Credit: Header photo from Yard House Instagram

Lena Tachdjian is a certified nutritionist and a writer, who splits her time between Canada and Armenia. She writes about nutrition, health, food, recipes, culture, travel, animal rights, and more. You can follow her on her nutrition and travel blog

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