The Beyond Burger to Be Launched at 280+ Safeway Locations

Beyond Meat's Beyond Burger is officially "taking another step toward the mainstream" with the announcement that it will soon be made available in over 280 Safeway grocery stores in Northern California, as well as in Nevada and Hawaii.

The burger, which is available at certain restaurants and in the frozen meat section at select Whole Foods locations (as well as in Hong Kong and Yale University!), will soon--as a result of the Safeway deal--be featured at "650 grocery stores nationwide," making the burgers "more available for consumers." According to Beyond Meat's CEO Ethan Brown:

"Our early research indicates that 70% of Beyond Burger consumers are, in fact, carnivores who seek to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet. The expansion of The Beyond Burger into a mainstream, conventional grocer like Safeway really speaks to the continued shift in consumers' appetites and purchasing patterns."

The burgers, sold in packs of two patties for $5.99, will make their debut beginning on the week of May 29 in Safeway's meat aisle, and you can find the list of participating locations right here.

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