Coop Switzerland Opens Vegetarian Supermarket

Switzerland's Coop Group, an international retail and wholesale business, has recently opened its first Karma Supermarket, "a store dedicated entirely to vegetarian and vegan products," just south of Zurich.

According to European Supermarket Magazine (ESM), Coop Group "launched the store in response to a strong demand for vegetarian, vegan and healthy products," and Retail Detail notes it carries "the largest range of vegetarian and vegan products in Switzerland." Some of the supermarket's options include:

"Fresh produce, basic food items, vegan and vegetarian cosmetics, freshly prepared beverages, nuts, cereals, and a range of convenience products."

Located in Zug train station, Karma will also offer organic options, products in bulk, prepared meals made available throughout the day, as well as a "tea and coffee bar with a seating area" for patrons.

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