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Yesterday, ABC News put Farm Sanctuary in the spotlight and featured a story and video on how the organization "helped grow the vegan movement in America."

The article featured an interview with Farm Sanctuary's co-founder and president Gene Baur who spoke about the organization's early days and the very first animal rescued--a sheep named Hilda, who Kat Von D is dedicating a fundraising Everlasting Liquid Lipstick "terra-cotta brick" shade to. Calling Farm Sanctuary a "place of peace and healing" for both animals and humans, Baur stated:

"At Farm Sanctuary, animals are friends not food, and they get to live their lives, they get to enjoy their lives, they get to develop relationships with other people and with animals, they get to be who they are. And they're not that different than cats and dogs--when you get to know these animals."

When asked "what the future of food" looks like, Baur responded:

"The future of food is plant-based. So you now have meatless meats, you have plant-based dairy, you go into a mainstream grocery store you can find soy milk and almond milk and hemp milk and coconut milk and cashew milk."

To check out the full feature and video, visit this link

Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary

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