Make Your Own Fresh Tempeh at Home with the TempehSure DIY System!

Tempeh-lovers, rejoice! There is a new kitchen accessory making its way to us soon that allows soy enthusiasts to make their own tempeh right on their countertops. The TempehSure system is a revolutionary invention created by tempeh-makers Gunter Pfaff and Betsy Shipley, who partnered up with Joy DuPuis of the Tempeh Girls recipe website. Here's what they have to say about the appliance:

TempehSure allows foodies, artisans and chefs to not only make protein-rich tempeh in their own kitchens with previously unavailable ease, but also adds variety to their tempeh experience. With TempehSure, tempeh can now be made consistently with not just soybeans but a variety of legumes including chickpeas and lentils.

Here's what the system will include: starter culture cups and a Bean Spa to get the legume mixture going and a Dual-Stage oven to perfectly incubate and pasteurize the bean patties. The oven is said to be so spot-on that it ferments the protein just right and does not leave behind any gray splotches, which can sometimes be found in store-bought tempeh.

TempehSure will be releasing a professional grade oven (suitable for restaurant cooking) and a home version, as well as its Bean Spa. Folks can sign up for a newsletter to stay on the heels of this kitchen revolution on their website. Who's ready for homemade tempeh?

Photo Credit: TempehSure website

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