Another UFC Fighter Goes Vegan and Wins! [VIDEO]

On Sunday May 29, UFC fighter Abel Trujillo won over his opponent, Jordan Rinaldi, during the UFC Fight Night 88, which became his 15th win.

After the 32-year-old mixed martial artist won by unanimous decision, he used his time on the air to spread his message, stating:

"I just want to say, thank you to everybody. Love is the movement. Go vegan. Do your sadhana kundalini yoga."

The commentator then stated that he knew Trujillo went vegan in advance of the fight, and asked how he felt about it mentally and physically. Trujillo responded stating:

"I feel good. I've got more clean energy and better clarity...I'll just get better and better."

Trujillo joins Nate Diaz in proving that not only can vegans be incredible athletes, but that they win too! 

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