Fur Farms Banned in Croatia!

On January 1, 2017, a 2006 ban on fur farms in Croatia was officially enforced after a 10-year transitional period. Fur Free Alliance states that the fur farming ban on chinchilla farms (the only animals used in fur production in Croatia), made it into the Animal Protection Act in 2006, but according to Animal Friends Croatia (AFC), the "remaining minority of only 30 breeders" continued to produce fur "with the goal to undermine the ban on fur farming." On December 14, AFC stated:

"The Ministry of Agriculture, due to pressure from the few remaining breeders, opened a new public consultation in which it is proposed to extend the transitional period for chinchilla breeders until January 1, 2018, while chinchillas remain the only animals in Croatia that are being bred for fur."

The statement notes that in 2006, there was a discussion about whether the phasing-out period should have been "five, seven or ten years," and the longest period was chosen in order to avoid the "possibility of failure to implement this important legislation." It continues by stating that extending the transitional period would "negate the very essence of how the country functions and contradict the will of the majority of the Croatian public."

Despite the minority of farmers still breeding chinchillas, the 2006 ban has officially come into full effect in Croatia, and as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) writes, it's "a great start to 2017!"

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