Vegan Tacos "One of the Most Popular Items" at Danny Trejo’s Restaurant

We wrote about how actor Danny Trejo opened up Trejo's Tacos last year in Los Angeles, and aimed to keep his menu inclusive to all customers. He stated:

"We have 10 different tacos. It's just stuff that everybody likes. Here, we wanted to include everybody, so we have a great vegan menu and gluten-free menu."

That menu includes vegan tacos, bowls, dips, and sides. While this in itself was exciting news, even before Trejo's Tacos was officially opened, the From Dusk Till Dawn star announced his plans to open a second location, Trejo's Cantina, in Hollywood.

In a recent feature in the Los Angeles Times, not only is a vegan taco that is featured at the second location highlighted, it is mentioned that the vegan rainbow cauliflower tacos "have become one of the most popular items on the restaurant's menu." As Trejo sautéed the cauliflower, reporter Amy Scattergood described executive chef John-Carlos Kuramoto's preparation of the taco, giving insight into the "rainbow" name:

"He arranges the heady mixture of orange, green, lavender and pale florets with roasted corn on the griddled tortilla, adding a cream made from cashews, pickled onions, the traditional accompaniments of cilantro, radishes and lime wedges."

Trejo adds: "This is how you take a bite of a vegan taco. You bite it harder." The other vegan taco options available at this location include the black pepper tofu taco, the seared carrot and soyrizo taco, and the young jackfruit taco, all available for $4.00. 

Trejo's Cantina is located at 1556 N Cahuenga Avenue and the recipe for the popular rainbow cauliflower taco is featured here

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