EU Parliament Votes to Improve Rabbit Welfare

Animal Equality has announced the verdict of the "historic vote" of the EU Parliament today. The resulting 410 to 205 was "in favour of measures to improve farmed rabbit welfare, which includes the drafting of legislation to end the use of battery cages."

The campaign to support the initiative by German MEP Stefan Eck included investigations and footage of rabbit farms in Spain and Italy, lobbying MEPs, sending over 120,000 e-mails, and celebrities--including Evanna Lynch--speaking out. Executive Director of Animal Equality UK Toni Shephard spoke about the significance of the vote, stating:

"Today history has been made! One of the cruelest farming practices ever invented, confining animals in tiny barren cages for their entire lives, could soon be obsolete in Europe. This is amazing progress for hundreds of millions of rabbits who currently endure extreme suffering in battery cages on European farms. Animal Equality will keep working with European and national politicians until rabbit cages are confined to history."

According to EU Reporter, the EU Parliament--as a result of this vote--has "instructed the Commission to draft legislation setting out minimum standards for the protection of farmed animals," and while the process is "likely to take several months" and could be subject to "deliberate delays," Animal Equality has promised to "keep up the pressure." 

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