Memphis Meats Debuts World's First "Clean" Poultry

Memphis Meats, the startup that developed the world's first clean meatball in February 2016, has just become the first company to produce clean poultry--both chicken and duck, meaning it was 100% lab grown, never hatched, never slaughtered.

Tackling this "unprecedented milestone for the clean meat industry," Uma Valeti, co-founder and CEO of Memphis Meats, stated:

"It is thrilling to introduce the first chicken and duck that didn't require raising animals. This is a historic moment for the clean meat movement. Chicken and duck are at the center of the table in so many cultures around the world, but the way conventional poultry is raised creates huge problems for the environment, animal welfare, and human health. It is also inefficient. We aim to produce meat in a better way, so that it is delicious, affordable and sustainable. 

Members of The Good Food Institute (GFI) were able to sample the clean poultry as fried chicken over collard greens and mashed potatoes (pictured above) and as a classic duck a l'orange dish, and Emily Byrd, Senior Communications Specialist at GFI, stated:

"I was able to taste the future. And I went back for seconds."

Memphis Meats, which aims to "transform a giant global industry while contributing to solving some of the most urgent sustainability issues of our time," has set 2021 as its target launch date for unveiling its clean poultry to the public. Until then, we can live vicariously through this video by the Wall Street Journal.

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