Vegan German Beer Garden & Restaurant Coming to LA!

If Christian Schmidt is right and labels like vegan currywurst or vegan schnitzel really are "misleading" and do "unsettle consumers," then get ready for some chaos in Los Angeles later in the year!

The Eastsider reports that German native Matthias Brandt plans to open Hinterhof, a vegan version of a German beer garden, by the end of this year in York Boulevard, which will "serve German beer and house-made vegan versions of German dishes in a 2,100-square foot space with 87 indoors seats and 36 outdoor seats." Brandt, who is now in the process of getting city approvals for Hinterhof, stated:

"We are naming the space Hinterhof, after the inner courtyards of residential pre-war apartment buildings in Berlin. These spaces are where Berliners casually meet with their neighbors in the evenings and on weekends to eat, drink and catch up. I saw this location while riding my bike and thought that it would make a great little beer garden where I could serve vegan versions of traditional German dishes that my grandmother made me."

We can Prost to that!

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