World's Biggest Vegan Shop Opens in Melbourne [VIDEO]

As of 10am today, Melbourne became home to the world's largest vegan store, The Cruelty Free Shop. With five locations across Australia (Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, and two in Sydney), as well as an online store, the most recent addition is actually an expansion of of the original Melbourne store as it was "bursting at the seams at its current location." According to the website:

"Our new store will have more than 3500 different vegan products with all sorts of foods including 50+ vegan cheeses, as well as fashion, cosmetics, coffee, cake, hot pies, fruit & veg, and more."

The shop--about six times the size of the old Melbourne location--also includes a cafe and will feature free food tastings of "delicious new products and old favourites" every Saturday. Located at 124 Johnson Street, Fitzroy, you can check out The Cruelty Free Shop's short promotional video below:

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