Chicago Med Star Torrey DeVitto Shares Vegan Skincare Routine

Vegan actress Torrey DeVitto, best known for her role in Pretty Little Liars and Chicago Med, was recently featured in Brit+Co sharing her full vegan and cruelty-free skincare regimen. Last year, the star's daily vegan diet was featured in PEOPLE, where she stated:

"The way I eat is a heavy statement on my belief system. I eat cruelty-free. It is my way of being able to take a stand against doing harm to any living creature."

DeVitto became vegan in 2015 "more for moral reasons than for health" after transitioning from being a pescatarian and later a vegetarian. She told Bella LA that she feels "great being vegan," has "so much more energy" and feels leaner.

Veganism is more than a diet for the actress, with her stating that in terms of fashion, she is "100% vegan" and "made a pact" that she would "never buy leather - or any animal products ever again." Her vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle extends to her skincare routine as well as she defines beauty "through kindness, empathy and compassion." DeVitto listed her top five product choices (all from cruelty-free skincare line Elina Organics) in Brit+Co, which includes a cleanser, elixir, mask and balms. To learn more about DeVitto's "vegan, cruelty-free, and life changing" routine, visit this link.

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