Bagel Factory Debuts Vegan Cream Cheese Option

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Bagel Factory, a popular U.K. bagel chain found at major train stations across the country, has introduced vegan cream cheese to its menu.

While the company already offered a Vegan Bagel in its lunch menu consisting of "low fat hummus, spinach, tomato, cucumber and carrot," PETA notes that with this move, Bagel Factory became the "first UK chain to offer bagels with vegan cream cheese." According to the press release:

"To launch the vegan cream cheese, Bagel Factory has created a veggie-filled bagel with non-dairy cream cheese, avocado, tomatoes, and black olives, available for £4.29 (a bagel with vegan cream cheese only is £2.49) at all stores from 19 April."

As a result of this "on-the-go vegan" addition, PETA awarded the company its Proggy (progress) Award, which "recognises animal-friendly achievements in commerce and culture."

Photo Credit: PETA

Lena Tachdjian is a certified nutritionist and a writer, who splits her time between Canada and Armenia. She writes about nutrition, health, food, recipes, culture, travel, animal rights, and more. You can follow her on her nutrition and travel blog

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