Barack Obama Speech Focuses on Role of Agriculture in Climate Change

On Tuesday May 9, former president Barack Obama gave a speech on climate change during the Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit, that took place in Milano, Italy, from May 8 to 11. 

In the 90-minute session, Obama stated that during his presidency he always made climate change a "top priority" since he sees it as a challenge "that will define the contours of this century." While he noted the importance of clean energy, according to The New York Times, he focused on "agriculture's role in climate change," stating that it is the "second-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions." He added:

"Although we've made real progress in becoming more efficient in the energy side, we are actually seeing a continuing increase in the emissions coming out of the agricultural sector, and a lot of that has to do with changing diets around the world. People aren't as familiar with the impact of cows and methane."

Obama also noted that while he respects vegetarians, he is "not one of them." You can watch the full session here

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