Bellamy Young: "Every time you save [animals], you save yourself a little bit, too"

Scandal's Bellamy Young was recently featured in Pet Guide Magazine, where the actress spoke about her initial reasons for becoming a vegan, adopting rescue animals, and fostering. Calling her dog and two cats "sweet, furry little critters" that "make a house a home," she stated:

"To give an animal the room to find a second or third chance is such a blessing. It's amazing to be the conduit for one soul to find another soul. So many animals out there without homes have so much love to give, and I want to do all I can to get them in forever homes so they can give that love."

On fostering animals until they are adopted, Young advises to see yourself as "part of the furry baby's path," but "not the destination." She adds that she always feels "so lucky to be part of that process." In the feature, Young also recalled what exactly made her adopt a vegetarian lifestyle during her sophomore year at Yale:

"That day in 1988 I was handed a piece of chicken in the dining hall. It was a little undercooked and the way it was plated, that poor piece of chicken reminded me of my mother's little dog. In an instant, I knew I could no longer eat another animal. I wasn't meant to eat animal products. But I'm not dogmatic and run in the street saying everyone should be vegan. This is simply how I choose to live to try and make my corner of the world a better place for everyone."

The feature ends with Young stating that "helping and loving an animal is the greatest gift you can give yourself," and that "every time you save them, you save yourself a little bit, too." To read the full article, visit this link.

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