Vegan Mondays Implemented at Argentina's La Casa Rosada

Argentina's Secretary General Fernando de Andreis took to Facebook last week to announce that as of July 3, La Casa Rosada, the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina also known as The Pink House, has officially instituted Vegan Mondays:

"Today, and every Monday, The Pink House dining room will only have a vegan menu available. This is: no meat, no chicken, no fish, no egg, no butter, no mayonnaise, no milk. A menu without animal products of any kind. All employees and staff of the house, even the President, will eat this healthy menu every Monday."

Adding that while the purpose of Vegan Monday in La Casa Rosada is not to convert people to veganism but to "provoke a conversation about our food, our health, and start changing our diet," he outlined the reasons behind the decision:

"On the one hand, so that at least once a week the 554 people who eat lunch at La Casa Rosada eat a lean menu that will contribute to the improvement of their health. On the other hand, knowing the curiosity that awakens in the country everything that goes on in the house, as a simple way to start an intense discussion about the diet of the Argentines."

He ended the post stating that if the initiative was called "Healthy Monday" or "Veggie Monday," people "wouldn't be reading this." To view the original post in Spanish, visit this link.

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