Wolfgang Puck: "I get more and more frequent requests for vegan dishes"

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck wrote an article in Twin Cities recently about the growing popularity of veganism and, as a result, the increasing amount of requests he and his team of chefs receive for vegan dishes.

Adding that the preparation of "delicious, even luxurious-tasting food following such restrictions" is "not only possible but actually a pleasure," Puck offers some inspiration and advice for those interested in plant-based cooking:

"You can find vegan "cheeses" and even vegan cultured "butter" spreads made from nuts and oils, for example. And it's also possible in your own kitchen to prepare "cream" sauces based on nuts, which turn wonderfully smooth and rich when pureed in a blender, leading many people who sample the results to doubt that a dish made in this way doesn't include dairy."

The chef then offers a vegan and "authentic-tasting Italian recipe," developed by his team at Wolfgang Puck Catering, which features fresh gnocchi and a cashew-based garlic cream sauce (pictured below), the latter of which he considers to be the "highlight."

For the recipe that may take you "one step closer to following a plant-based diet yourselves," visit this link.

Photo Credit: Korn Ferry & Twin Cities

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