Eating at home

There is a misconception that being veg is expensive. This couldn’t be further from the truth! As is the case with every diet, eating out should be limited to avoid spending too much money in one sitting. When it comes to cooking and eating at home, however, eating veg can definitely be wallet-friendly! 


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Cost-effective grocery shopping

The foods to focus on in a veg diet--such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, seeds and legumes, are all affordable and you can always buy most of these items in bulk to keep them as staples in your home, which keeps the overall price significantly lower. Many supermarkets and specialty stores already have convenient bulk sections to fill up on!

Farmers’ markets are also a great way to buy locally-sourced food that is affordable and fresh. Make sure to find some options nearest to you, and the added benefit is that you can get to know the people growing the food you eat!

Another key aspect to keep in mind when eating on a budget is to avoid spending too much money on “luxury goods”, and instead, incorporate the “DIY” mentality into your life. Individual ingredients are usually much cheaper when compared to the overall price of a product that incorporates them. If you really enjoy a specific salad dressing, instead of buying it ready, research the ingredients and look for recipes in cookbooks or online. Or if you enjoy vanilla-flavored almond milk, consider the fact that buying a kilogram of almonds and a small bottle of vanilla extract to make it yourself will be much more cost-effective in the long-run. Other benefits include the ability to increase or decrease certain aspects based on your preferences, being able to make the product healthier (no added sugars, less salt, etc.), and ultimately having the ingredients last longer!

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Inspiring recipes for everyone

Whether you are interested in cooking veg for yourself, for your family, or for your friends, finding delicious and easy recipes is always important. There are so many cookbooks and online blogs dedicated to plant-based dishes available that will show you the ins-and-outs of veg cooking, and empower you to become more confident and independent in the kitchen. You can even find specific veg cookbooks or websites that focus on different cultural cuisines, accommodate dietary restrictions (gluten-free), and even preferences (raw veganism)!

Kids can of course be picky eaters, and this holds true for all types of diets. While steamed broccoli may not be the most appealing dish for a child, veg-eating can definitely be creative and delicious! Consider presenting the food in a fun or decorative way, or using substitution ideas to make your child’s favorite dishes animal product-free!

There is even the option of having veg meals, recipes, and directions delivered right to your home! For those who are not comfortable yet in the kitchen, The Purple Carrot creates customized meal plans and can deliver them straight to your door!

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